The Story of Floranow…
Charif Mzayek,
Founder & CEO of Floranow
I am an entrepreneur with passion for flowers and over 25 years in the floral industry.
Having literally grown up in a flower shop, I continued to be involved with the industry on a global level in many areas: growing, trading, design and retailing.
Over the years, I have become familiar with several of the pains and challenges that flower growers and buyers face on daily basis.
Lack of transparency, price volatility, long and inefficient supply chains that add up costs and impact product quality are just few examples of the challenges facing the industry today.
Buyers are often limited in their choice of products offered by traditional suppliers/wholesalers while growers are limited in their access to markets.
And while buyers are paying more, growers end up getting less for their crops as a result of an ineffective and obsolete system.
With a passion and desire to resolve all this and more, Floranow was born.
Via its online marketplace, Floranow enables direct, transparent and efficient transactions between growers and buyers from all over the world while optimizing the cool chain to ensure the freshest quality of products to all stakeholders.
Whether you are a grower or a buyer, I personally welcome you to Floranow’s growing global family.
Our Vision
Become the first and preferred global B2B online floral marketplace offering the widest assortment, the highest quality, and best price for byers and seller.
Our Mission
We are disrupting the floral industry by enabling direct transactions between growers and buyers via a global online marketplace powered by innovative technology and optimized cool chain solutions.
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