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How to Identify Fresh Flowers

One of our promises to our clients is that we provide the best quality flowers at the best prices, but how can you tell if our flowers live up to the promise? Here are a few tips to help you identify fresh flowers:
  1. Fresh flowers usually have the best aesthetics, they look new and beautiful. Only pick flowers without bruises or discoloration.
  2. Buy cut to order flowers to ensure that you are getting the freshest flowers available. Most wholesalers procure their flowers via the European auction floors in Europe. This means that by the time flowers get to supplier warehouses they are already a few days old. At Floranow, however, we cut out the middleman. We help you to order directly from growers ensuring that you only receive the freshest, cut to order flowers.
  3. Only buy from a supplier with a reputation for consistently supplying high-quality flowers. A supplier might receive a bad batch or two but it should be the exception and not the rule.
  4. Never buy flowers that look wilted and faded in color as they will not improve much after processing. Although there are some tricks you can use to revive wilting flowers the benefits are short-lived. Buy quality flowers and ensure that your customers can enjoy your arrangements for longer.
  5. Don’t buy flowers with petals that are closed too tightly. Tightly closed roses, for example, might never open if the blooms were cut too early. The best buy is the ones that are starting to open. Avoid fully open flowers as they will only last a few days longer before they die.
  6. Train your eye to spot fresh flowers by attending trade events and particularly viewing grower samples. Pay attention to what fresh flowers look and feel like. Fresh flowers have green leaves, good color and are firm to the touch.
  7. Remember, cheap doesn’t automatically equal value for your money or good profit margins. Always make sure that you are getting both the best price and the best quality, ensuring that you build a good reputation with your customers.
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